Configuring 2nd hard drive for storage

I am wanting to store video from various sources (my mini dv cam, vhs tapes, etc) on a new 400 GB drive I have installed in addition to the 160 GB drive that came with my system(Sony Vaio PCV RS-520 / WINDOWS XP). The original 160GB is the master with XP installed on a 13.9 GB partition leaving a 129 GB partition. I have Pinnacle Studio 8 and all the Sony bundled video tools installed on both partitions. NOW the SLAVE 400GB… I have never installed and configured a hard drive before but so far, so good. I have used windows disk manager to create a 15, a 100, another 100 and a 157 GB partitions on that drive (I dont know why I thought I OUGHT to) but have not formatted anything but the 15GB in NTFS so far. And after I finish formatting them according to your advice, Im not sure if I should be “Mounting” these drives onto another(Will Windows operate upon the files stored there from its place on my C: or D: drives using Pinnacle or Sony software?) Also, the Disk manager asks about an “empty” NTFS folder if mounting? What about "Volume label, and allocation unit size " anything I should consider there? Thanks a lot!