Configure Robot - What is it?

Long time user of Nero 6. Recently purchased Nero 7 UE. I’ve searched the manual, nero’s site and performed a forum search here.

Can someone please tell me what the Configure Robot function on the Recorder menu does. Obviously it automates a task, but I don’t know which.

Thanks :confused:

Could you be a little more specific about which utility and where you are finding the option?

Thanks for the reply

Nero Burning ROM v7.7.51

One of the top menu items just below the Windows Title Bar

File Edit View Recorder

Configure Robot, its the second menu item below choose recorder.

It’s here:

I don’t know for sure, but it looks like a way to make multiple copies of something unattended. I Googled for the robot software and it seemed to indicate such. Maybe someone else will know for sure.

If you read the Nero manuals carefully you should be able to resolve your problem.

I searched the Nero 7 manual for the words robot, configure, recorder menu, automate, and task. It seems you are suggesting I read the entire manual. I’ll keep looking.

Under that option you can “configure” a Disc Publisher and “all-in-one” disc publishing systems.

We did a review over such a device (Primera) some time ago, but the option was not “implanted” back then in Nero 7.

Thank you very much. I figured it was connected with automation/duplication, but didn’t know where it fit in.