Configuration of New Plextor 708A and existing drives?

…haven’t been able to find a definitive answer-- so here goes–

just purchased a Plextor-708A- DVD writer-

already had Liteon 40125-S CDRW and Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD-Rom drives in place.

As a quick setup/test- i replaced the Toshiba w/ the Plextor. DMA enabled/ Cable Select- on the same ide cable.

Now the questions-

should I configure these different? (ie- replace the Liteon instead of the Toshiba- or add an IDE channel card and run all three)?

are there any obvious configuration points that i need to look at? (already have DMA enabled/ current firmwares, etc.)

what kind of cd copy speeds should I expect? (i noticed that the old Toshiba/ Liteon configuration would back up a cd in 5 minutes or so- new combination was around 10 mins. does this sound right?)

guess i’m trying to optimize my settings- not really having an opinion yet on what works best. so, any input is greatly appreciated.


btw- great forum- i have been a longtime lurker-- and have gotten a lot of great advice from reading in the past.

The 708A is only 40X for CD, so the times should be consistent with a 40x drive. A full 650MB disc should take about 3 minutes.

To test it, configure with your HD on one bus, the drive on the secondary bus. You can use Nero CD Speed to check the write transfer rate or burn a full disc using Create CD. It will give you the elapsed time and graph the speed.

Then add your other devices and retest. If it’s not the same, there is some configuration or compatibility issue.

based on feedback- i have tried a couple of differet setups-

still using HD1/ HD2 on Primary IDE (UDMA5 is what shows up in System) and DVDRW/CDRW on Secondary IDE (UDMA2 is what shows up in System)

copied audio cd from cdrw (source) to dvdrw (writer) using clonecd- significantly decreased tim from 9-10 mins. to 4:30- which was ~ consistent w/ my old setup.

then tried as in original msg- EXCEPT- held the eject button down on the drive for 3 sec (as you would do for a dvd). still back to 9-10 mins.

so- it looks like the easy solution for now is to go w/ the liteon cdrw as the reader- plextor as the writer. however, if that is the case- i may go back to the toshiba/ plextor combination-- as the toshiba appears to be a faster ripper for dvd’s.

may try to rearrange on the primary/ secondary ide’s- however i have read not to mix hd’s and cd/dvd devices on the same channel.

just hate to give up on the liteon though- as i can’t even remember the last coaster it produced.