Configuration help needed plz

:confused: Hi, recently purchsaed a liteon 32125w cdr drive,i installed it ok,bios and os find it ok.
What i need to know is i have configured it properly in my machine,here are the details:-
Primary master:wd 40gb caviar ata 100/7200rpm hd
Primary slave:wd 10gb caviar ata 100/7200rpm hd
secandary master:hitachi 40/16 dvd rom drive(ata66)
secondary slave:liteon 32125w
Could someone pla tell me if this is correct or do i nedd to reconfigure it?
Many Thanxs in advance,

It could work without a problem the way you have configured it now.
Personally I would put the writer on secondary master, but it is not necessary

Looks fine to me, don’t forget to turn DMA on for the drives

thanx for info guys