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Wat gebeurt er met de confidentiele informatie die we invullen voor de CDFREAKS.
Ik had enorm graag zulk een exemplaar besteld, maar nergens op het invulformulier staat een vermelding m.b.t. de wet op de privacy en het al dan niet doorgeven van adresgegevens.
Ik wil hier niet lastig doen, maar ik wil enkel vermijden dat er meer dan alleen een T-shirt in mijn brievenbus terechtkomt.
dank voor jullie antwoord


…in mijn posting ging het wel degelijk om de cdfreaks tshirt. De t-shirt was even tussen de eetresten in mijn toetsenbord blijven plakken.


This forum has English as posting language, so please post English here.

As said somewhere in the notice concerning the T-Shirts, the information will only be used for the purpose of this T-Shirt. After the T-Shirts are sent out to each of the subscribers, the addresses will be deleted. We have no intention to use this information for anything else but to send you these shirts.

We do acknowledge the fact that this is a matter of trust, you will have to trust us that we mean you no harm and indeed will delete these addresses. But subscribing to react on the main site or on the forum has not led to spamming by CD Freaks. CD Freaks has only used the E-mail list at listbot (for which you have to subscribe seperately, thus allowing us to mail you with certain news) and mails sent through there are scarce.

If you don’t want your address sent to us, you can perhaps use a different address from a friend or relative you trust. Also not mentioning your nickname (most commonly done by using the alias e-mail address) when you sign up for a T-Shirt will make it harder for us to link a nick to a real address.

In Short:

[li]We do not sell the addresses gathered,
[/li][li]We do not hand over this information to the authorities,
[/li][li]We will delete all addresses when the T-Shirts have been shipped,
[/li][li]You can use someone else’s address if you don’t want yours to be know to us,
[/li][li]You don’t have to buy a T-Shirt if you don’t want to, but it is a cool shirt and we would really appreciate your support.

I hope this answers your (and perhaps other) questions, if not let us know and we will try to answer them.


Iwould like to thank you for answering my question so fast and so completely.
I’ll always trust CDFREAKS. So I will submit my order for the T-shirt immediately .


Originally posted by bioEman
Iwould like to thank you for answering my question so fast and so completely.

You are more than welcome, that is what we’re here for.
Thank you for supporting us by ordering a T-Shirt.