Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Trying to back this title up and the computer reboots. I am using AnyDVD and DVD X Copy Platinum, in Windows XP. This combination usually works, but I just can’t get a backup of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Did you try Dvddecrypter, without Anydvd running ?

Try to downgrade AnyDVD from version to version (PM me if you need it) and see if the problem disappears… I am currently experiencing a similar problem with latest version (using CloneDVD for shrink actually).

I’d be really interested to know if my hint solved your problem. :wink:



Hi there, I had the same problem, so I went ahead and clone the whole movie with cloneDVD from in to an ISO image, now that software removes copy protection and that kind of stuff, so mounted the Iso image in virtual clone drive and used clonedvd2 to remove aditional features, languajes and that kind of crap, burned it to dvd and now I have a region free, crap free dvd, and my original one is safely putted away in my collection box.

giloz, enough with the marketing SPAM please.

corlando52, do you happen to have a SB Live! 5.1 sound card? My computer was rebooting every time I tried to rip a movie with any program, finally figured out it was the sound card. Not sure if the card went bad, or all the XP2 updates messed it up. The sound card drivers have not been updated by Creative for about a year and a half.

Some companies (Like 321 studios) employ copy protection schemes that prevent a DVD from being copied again and also write specific information about your computer on the copied DVD. This information could be used by authorities to trace every DVD you copy, back to you

what??? never heard that one before.

I believe it’s true, at least Macrovision attacked 321 Studios because of patent violation.

i have made a copy from a copy using clonedvd, and i dont think clonedvd is putting secret info about my computer on every disc i burn to track me.

elby® CloneDVD™ doesn’t put anything secret on the destination disc.

Beware, there are hidden sheep on every DVD burned by CloneDVD2!!! :wink: