Conexant High Definition Smart Audio 221: Analog Stereo Line-In?

:)Hello again and greetings,
My HP G60-235DX has the Conexant High Definition Smart Audio 221 sound card installed. I am trying to get analog stereo audio into my computer, via the microphone/line-in jack. The levels are set for microphones, not (-10dbV) line level output of my external device. ‘Properties’ only shows microphone, not line-in setup. HP Support has been…well, they told me that I “had to purchase an extended warranty” before they would give me any information. I am needing to get analog audio into my PC, so I can then edit and burn it in Nero 9. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Eric

According to this there’s only mic in…

So I can’t use the “mic” jack for anything except a microphone? “Properties-Settings” shows a line in jack (L-R), which is fully colored black with no way of accessing it. Just recently however, I noted that the same “Properties-Settings” window had the line in, but it was open and had a colored ring around it. I haven’t been able to locate it since. Is there a converter that would allow me to use the USB port to import the Optical Output from my CD player or RCA jacks on my cassette deck? Wow, and all I want to do is edit and burn my own music.