Conencting a ps2 to a monitor

Hello people of CD FREAKS!

I have a philips 107P monitor. On the back it has the VGA (15 pins) things, and the thing where u stick the power lead into. It also has white pins (not the yellow, red, white ones u have on back of the TV) abnd under them is printed- R under 1, G under 1, B under 1, H/H+V under 1, and V under 1. I really need to connect my ps2 to this monitor. What would I need to do it.

I am a newbie at this so pics ordiagrams would be greatly appreciated.


it is not very difficult to connect your ps2 to the monitor all you need is a Video to VGA converter I’ve connected my ps2 in the same way. There is probably also an other solution for this problem but with this it is very easy to switch the monitor between the PS2 and your PC without disconnecting the PS2.

hope this helps.