Cone2 and anydvd cylic redundancy error

can any one help me with this.I am new to this and have been reading all day and still i am getting the same error.I have clone2 and anydvd i have a benq 1655 and a lite dvd combo i follow all the steps and it goes to the writing part and that is were i cant get it to finish.I have tried every dvd possable even a brand new one and still the sme problem.Am i missing something or am i suppose to change any settings im not sure this is my first time trying to back up my dvds any help would be great.Thank you. :o

The problem here is most likely your BLANK discs, not the discs you’re trying to copy. What kind of blank media are you using? This is where we most often see problems with new users - no offense intended, we were all new once - because they are using such a wide variety of blank media, and not all media is good!

So let us know what kind of blanks you’re using.

Encryption problem! Maybe! LOL
Try FAB and Shrink the free versions and see if you get the same error! IMHO!

thank you for your response and the answer is sony DVD+R 120min/4.7gb that is what is on the disc and in the centre of the disc in small letters reads DVD=R VER.1.2/1x-8x i hope this is what you are asking me and thank you for understanding that yes we are all new at one point or another.Just to let you know i have backed up my cds with no problems.thanks once again.