Condo Manager Problem

hi i just moved into a NEW Condo in Vancouver.

i was just wondering if the Condo Manager can come inside my home using the Condo’s Master Key.

thanks for letting me know!

PS: someone has been stealing our stuff and re-locked our doors on the way out, my mom says that it has to be the Condo Manager because he has the “Master Key” so he is the only person who can re-locked our door.

Ask multiple neighbors about this. Not just one or two, but at least 3. Or 4 or 5. Spread the word about this ‘concern’. If they’ve ever had a concern like this (and they probably will if it’s the Manager), then maybe forces can coalesce and remove him.

Set up a nanny cam and record who it is with a time/date stamp.

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2696477]Set up a nanny cam and record who it is with a time/date stamp.[/QUOTE]

That’s a good idea! :iagree:



Change the fookin’ locks-eh!!

I changed all the locks on my old rental house a few times in the 22 years I was there and never gave the new property manager who took over my keys till we moved.
Like said you could change your locks or at least the dead bolt and that should slow down whoever might have a key to your place.
I’m sure they’d get pissy if they knew the locks were changed but as long as your paying your rent on time and not doing anything against your agreement it’s your place as far as I know within reason. I do know most places want a key if your renting, but still, how would they know unless they had one before and now it doesn’t work as long as everything looks similar to what was there. Here in the USA they also have to give you 24 hour notice if they want to come into your house for any reason too, not sure about where you are.

Wait inside with a shotgun and shoot the SOB and tell the cops you thought he was going to kill you so you stood your ground.