Condensing song

Hi guys, could someone please tell me if it is possible to condense the size of a song in mp3 format. For example, from 5MB to say 3 or 2MB or perhaps KB. If this is possible could someone please inform me of how to do IT.

Sorry if posts not regarding cd/dvd are not allowed but nonethless your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

MP3’s are a combination of figures:

Bit Rate in kbps (like 192k, 160k, 128k, 64k, etc)
Sampling Rate in kHz (44100, 22050, 11025, etc)
Bit Depth (24 bit, 16 bit, 8 bit, etc)
Channels (Stereo, Mono, etc)

So, if you have a song that is say 192kbps, 44,100kHz, 16 bit Stereo, you could reduce one or more of those factors.

For example, you could down-sample it to 128kbps, 22,050, 16 bit Mono if you wished, or just 128kbps, 44,100, 16 bit Stereo and see how that does.

Or almost any combination thereof. You can experiment until you find the right setting to fit your needs.

Make sense?

so how do i do that? sorry but it doesn’t really make sense

Well, there are some MP3 editors and converters out there.

Music Match Juke Box can do a conversion for you:

So can AudioGrabber, if you set it up properly with the Lame MP3 DLL:

There is another app that converts well, but is $14:

iTunes for Windows is free and will do conversion too:

There are others as well.

Cd-ex is free and really easy to use as well: Just pick the mp3-mp3 button and then re-encode at a lower bitrate.