Conclusion on Plextor 24X

Positive (+):
- Supports 20x and 24x writing (Z-CLV) speeds
- “BURN-Proof” anti-coaster technology
- “PoweRec II” quality monitor system
- European retail package offers 2 years of
warrantee! Unique feature!!!
- 4MB of Buffer
- Best data reading performance with
pressed/cdr media
- Very Good DAE ripping speed
- Very good packet reading/writing
- Supports DAO-RAW writing mode
- Can read/write SubChannel Data from
Audio/Data tracks
- Can produce perfect SD2 backups!!!
- Supports CD-Text (read/write)
- Supports Overburning (up to 95mins)
- Supports Ultra-DMA 33 connection interface
- Complete retail package - contains Nero 5.5x
and 16 languages manual!
- Very low noise when operating - notice how
quite is the tray!
- Drive has attached fan

Negative points…
- Bigger seek times compared to
the competition
- Drive is picky with the inserted
Audio CDR media
- DAE quality seems vari with
different CDR media
- Recognize problems with specific
CDR brands
- Produced coasters with specific
CDR media (Imation 80min 16x)
- Failed to recognize 99min CDs
- Failed to recognize Prodisc
NoName 80min CDs
- Very bad CloneCD reading speeds
- Price higher than competition

               Plextor's name is connected with quality and maximum performance under all circumstances. The
               new PX-W2410A model continues this tradition and is a great performer in many writing/reading
               tests. The drive seems to be the fastest recorder ever produced and burns 650Mb under 4mins.
               The new "PowerRec II" system ensures maximum writing quality and the 4MB of buffer among with
               the BURN-Proof will eliminate possible buffer underruns. The addition of 2 years of warranty (only
               for European users) gives a big motive to possible buyers since no other manufacturer has offered
               it, so far. Finally, the capability of doing perfect SD2 backup CDs will make many users happy. So is
               this the drive that we have all been dreaming off? 

               We could say yes if the following problems weren't present: a) the recognition problems of various
               written AudioCDR media, b) the strange results with various CDs at the Nero CD Speed Advanced
               DAE quality test and c) the very bad CloneCD reading performance. In our opinion the drive needs
               more fine tuning in order to correct the above problems. On the other hand, Plextor has proved
               that cares about its customers and most possible sooner than we think, the mentioned problems will
               be corrected with a newer firmware update. After all, none was <born> perfect :-) 

               So how about the competition from LiteOn 24? Both drives ship the same time in the market but with
               a starting 30$(+) price gap. Plextor is faster but LiteOn is cheaper. Plextor has faster but LiteOn
               better DAE quality. Both support overburning, SD2 backups and have Nero 5.5x in the retail
               package. Which one is the best recorder? Hard to tell. Judge your own needs and decide which
               drive fits you better. After all it's YOU who always make the final judgement :-)

So u’ve been reading CDR-Info’s Plextor 24x writer review, what about it? All we wanna know is when the firmware gets here and what it fixes??

Basically get the Plextor 16x writer. Fixes all the 24x versions problems but takes an extra minute to burn :wink:

Yes, the 16X Plextor is a fine drive, but you obviously forget one important factor. The new 24X will burn SD2, and the 16X won’t. That, plus the speed advantage tips the scales toward the 24X, IMHO. And, it also puts a lot of weigh on the side of the new Lite-On 24X which will also copy SD2. Did you read the reviews closely?

I have the plextor 16x drive and i can now write ANY SD2 discs. How? Betablocker which caused a stir about 2 weeks ago was the killerapp. :smiley: I too was looking for a replacement for my drive that could handle SD2 discs, know i have no need to. Basically any drive that can do DAO-RAW can now do SD2 with BetaBlocker