Conclusion on Lite-On 24X

Postitive Points

  • Supports 20x and 24x writing (Z-CLV) speeds
    - “Smart-BURN” anti-coaster technology
    - Very Good data reading performance
    - Very Good Seek times
    - Very Good DAE ripping quality
    - Very good packet reading/writing
    - Supports DAO-RAW
    - Can read/write SubChannel Data from
    Audio/Data tracks
    - Can produce perfect SD2 backups!!!
    - Supports CD-Text (reading/writing)
    - Supports Overburning (up to 99mins)
    - Supports Ultra-DMA 33 connection interface
    - Very good behavior even with non-24x
    certified media (not even a single coaster!)
    - Retail package contains Nero 5.5x
    - Low noise when operating
    - Low price (170$<=) compared to the

Negative Points…
- Low reading performance with
HS-RW media (16x CLV)
- Low DAE ripping speed compared
to the competition…
- Very bad CloneCD reading speeds
- Doesn’t support lower recording
speeds than 8X
- No cooling fan

               LiteOn's attempt at the 24x writing speed is much more than satisfactory. The LTR-24102B seems to
               be the faster recorder, for now, and managed to outperform both Sanyo and TDK 24x drives in
               many reading/writing tests. The drive's overall performance was very good and -for sure- users will
               enjoy both 20x and 24x writing speeds. Other important features such as: support for SD2
               protected discs, overburning (up to 99min) and reading/writing SubChannel data are present. Of
               course nothing is perfect and the drive needs improvement at the DAE ripping speed and when
               reading protected CDs. Also the drive doesn't support 1X, 2X, 4X recording speeds, which maybe be
               wanted from some users. 

               LiteOn's 24x recorder also has another advantage over the competition, which can be concluded in
               5 letters: "price". LiteOn's estimated retail price is 170$, which means that real price in stores will be
               much lower. The Sanyo and TDK 24x recorders (retail packages only) can be found at 170$+ and
               200$+ and the announced PleXWriter PX-W2410A is expected to cost around 200$+. Of course we
               haven't, yet, tested Plextor's 24x drive but LiteOn 24x has -for sure- an advantage in the price tag.

               The LiteOn LTR-24102B is expected to hit the market in the second half of August 2001 worldwide
               and for sure will be a sales hit for LiteOn. The only question that has been un-answered is.."Can the
               LiteOn LTR-24102B dominate the 24x writing speed?" We cannot answer that question yet since
               Plextor's 24x recorder is un-tested but pretty soon we will know... Stay tuned ;-)

I use a plex 24/10/40A and wouldn’t consider getting the liteOn as my liteOn 12/10/40 can be so picky with media it spat all well known brands out at first(verbatim) and the like.I have now got it working properly but don’t trust it 100% so be careful if u go for this burner:eek:

Mean’t to have said SD2 no trouble Max Payne in 13 mins reading with plex 12/10/32A.:smiley: