Concerts to raise money for battle against record companies

I just posted the article Concerts to raise money for battle against record companies.

For those that still don’t believe record companies are bad, now artists are raising money for a fight against them ! Almost unbelievable, but it seems to be true.

They say they are…

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The reason these bands are doing a concert to raise the money to fight the music industry is because they want their freedom so they can recieve more of the cash from their album sales but they dont want to spend the money they have made so far in trying to win this, they want us the fans to pay the stupidly high prices for their CD’s, then they also want us to pay for them to fight their court cases against the record industry so that the CD price for us can remain the exact same but so that they recieve a higher share of the money made on each cd. Basically, even if they dont win the fight, it didn’t cost them a penny and they’re still loaded.

you have got to give them credit they want a raise just like everyone else but unlike the riaa they dont wanna screw the consumer in the process. i would go to one of the concerts if: a) they had any good music and b) they had one in england :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Tom Cruise should get involved too? We all know he thinks the millions he makes per film now isn’t enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alien - I’m just curious, how have you come to the conclusion that they dont want to screw the consumer? I didn’t see any mention of them wanting to lower CD prices, all I saw was a mention of them wanting a higher cut and more control over when and where they perform. Doesn’t sound like they are asking for anything for us to me

exactly, althought it would be better for the artists to gain more control of their albums/earnings, they did not mention a lowering in cd prices. looks like we are gonna have a lotta rich artists complaining about ppl stealing music. Coz then THEY are the ones who lose out. what a crazy world. i dont htink this will change anything… but it is an interesting idea… :8

The problem won’t go away until the music industry loses control of music pricing. Right now everything is fixed. You pay the same price in Wal-Mart for every single CD of every single genre (for the most part). It doesn’t matter if it’s #1 on the charts or the worst album of the year. All the prices are fixed because the music industry and it’s leeches (including the RIAA, corporate lawyers, copy protection companies like Macrovision) all have to have their cut. Then the artist is left with pennies of every sale. I long for the day that I can buy a CD worth of songs for $5 online and the artist gets 25%, the online costs are 25% and maybe 50% for marketing and such functions performed by the music industry now. Artists today are slaved away by the music industry. Sure several make millions and live the fat life. Others are one-hit wonders and tossed into the can dirt poor. When can an artist release his/her music when he/she wants to instead of the music industry stringing songs out as singles one at a time for months in the order they choose. The music industry has way too much control. I’d love for the artists to make their millions…I just don’t want the fatcats at Sony, BMG, etc., making millions, too just by sitting in meetings all day figuring ways to screw you and me to make more money. CD’s are a perfect example. Fatcat: “Let’s come up with a new digital medium that costs far less than audio cassettes to manufacture and sounds better, but we can sell it for 150% as much because it sounds better.” They’re killing us with CD’s. Just wait until the next medium (HDCD? Dolby Surround Audio?). I bet we’ll be paying $25 per album then and it’ll cost them 25 cents to manufacture…5 of which will actually go to the artist and the $24.75 to feed the fatcats.

The music companies have no interest in music, they merely want profits. The problem with the current situation is the only way an artist can get any publicity is by signing with them.

Courtney Love and a long-term contract? I’d say the record company got the shaft on that one…

cd’s do kinda suck. 44.1khz 16bit stereo is getting old. 96khz 24bit is where it’s at. penies per cd? damn, i didn’t know it was that bad.

Kain, you have a a very valid point about cds being much cheaper to manufacture and ye tthey still jack up prices. The FatCats are doing the exact same thing with DVD’s .it is WAY cheaper to make a tape then it is to stamp out a DVD, and yet, they are still a good 150% more expensive… :r

With regards to the motives of the artists: Sure there are MANY Fatcat artists who might play a concert as above purely for personal benefit. However, when it comes to the specific artists scheduled to play at this concert, I actully believe several of them to have good intentions. At least several of them backed Napster in it’s original form and advocated for less restrictions on music production and distribution. If nothing else events like the concerts will create some much needed attention in mainstream medias and hopefully spark a bigger discussion on the subject.(Nothing that mainstream users hate more than rich Lars Ulrich and Tom Cruise-like motherfuckers whining about not making enough money :d )