Concerning PS2 game


Can anyone explain me how to play a ps2 game using nSX2 or pcsx2?
cause I have “Colin.McRae.Rally.4.MULTI5.PS2DVD.PAL-ConFuSiON” game, and I try to play (with each of these emulators) it and it doesn’t work!

if those are working emulators, which i’m partially not even sure of, it could be that your computer doesn’t support the graphics in a game of that calibur. since emu’s are not exactly compliant with windows in all aspects, which i assume your using, if that was the case, no error message would ever prompt you of the problem.

I think my system is fast enough for ps2 (duron 900, 256 SDRAM, GF4 TI4200 64MB DDR).
I think the problem is with these programms, I read in their home sites that probably only “home made demos” would work with them… I’ll try to find some more info…

Don’t think your computer is powerful enuf bud.

Ps2 is more powerful than that because it is dedicated to games…

maybe, it isn’t the top computer of these days, but it is sufficient for playing ps2 graphics.