Concerning New Kind Of Copy Protection - "Ring" Lock

Hello all!

I read around in some other threads about a new kind of copy protection that started coming up during the copying procedure of many discs. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but it is referred to as the “ring” protection, based on the fact that the dvd disc has a locked “ring” layer which scrambles up burning,decrypting and copying software because it can’t be read by the dvd drive. I have been dealing with the same issue lately in many dvd discs i’ve been trying to copy. The thing is that i was getting more and more CRC Errors with the newest dvd movies and i thought it was my dvd recorder’s fault, so I went and bought a new one. But it was until yesterday that i read about the “ring” protection system. I am using the LG-GSA4163B Dvd recorder, with AnyDVD v., CloneDVD2, Nero Burning Rom and DVD Shrink 3.2 software to copy two different movies, “P.S.- I Love You” and “Maria Full Of Grace”. These are new movies that just came out in DVD Format. With all the software i mentioned above, I’ve been getting a CRC ERROR around the 63% of the read-image creation procedure of the movie. I also tried to do the whole thing in my other recorder a Pioneer DVR106 but the results were the same. So my question is this: I read everything related to the new copy protection which is mainly about the “locked” chapter 1 which contains the unreadable ring, and it’s supposed to be at the beginning of the movie, so why do i get the error at 63%? I also read that AnyDvd bypasses this error, but although i have the latest version ( it doesn’t work. I had this problem with many other movies, which i tried to copy lately and I can’t locate the source of the problem. I would appreciate some info and suggestions on this topic please, if anyone has been dealing with the same problems!

Thanks a lot in advance!! :slight_smile:

Try newer AnyDVD version You say you have Could be a bad disc.

Indeed I have the newest AnyDv d available. It can’t be a bad disc, because i got the 2 dvd movies sealed in their wrap from my girlfriends office! Any other suggestions?!

Doesn’t mean it is not a bad disc - there are many discs out there that are very badly mastered!!

Make sure the disc is very clean and use something like CDSpeed to scan the disc for errors.

Oh and if the disc doesn’t have errors, turn off AnyDVD and copy the IFO files to your hard drive and send them off to slysoft.

I had no trouble with Maria Full Of Grace, R1, a long time ago when it was first issued (much older version of DVDDcrypter). I would also agree that you have a bad disc, although some other regions do things differently.