Concerned with ND-3540a writing quality

After deciding between the Liteon 1693s and the NEC ND-3540a, I settled on the ND-3540a. I’m a newbie to the CD/DVD media quality world, and I hope to learn more.

I’m concerned with the writing quality of my ND-3540a. It is using stock 1.01 firmware (I think) and my first DVD-R burns were less than perfect. On some DVD-R discs, the media would become unreadable (or damaged), according to Nero CD-DVD Speed’s ScanDisc after 75-80% of the disc. I think this is a result of the media I was using (CompUSA branded DVD-R Princo media @ 2x). My DVD+RWs ran a lot better (they are once again CompUSA branded but Philips 041), but I’m still concerned with the high levels of PI errors and PI failures on the disc. What do you guys think?

I’m using the ND-3540a in an external USB enclosure with the ALi M5621 chipset. My other burners are a Liteon LTC-48161H KHOP and a LTR-24102B 5S54.

Also, my CD-Rs seem to be stuck at 32x CD buring. Nero and Nero Infotool reports the CD writing speed to be 32x, even when the drive is put in a firewire enclosure. CD reading speeds have no problem getting to 48x.

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Try scanning at 5X or 8X. Max is to fast :wink:
With an external enclosure, you will most likely not be able to burn at 16X, but 12X should be possible.

RE 32X CDR write speed. This is common on NEC drives, this speed is set in the firmware for a lot of CDR media.


Thanks for the suggestions. It never occurred to me that CD-R speeds would be locked to 32x for some media, even though the media was rated for 48x. My LTC-48161 writed to the same media @ 48x no problems. While it’s not a big loss, it’s a bit disappointing. I just noticed that with no media in the drive, the drive reports a 48x write speed. Do you think more media will be allowed to burn at 48x in a future firmware update?

I tried what you suggested, lowering theread speed to 8x and 5x. How do these look?

try it with a disc that isnt re-writable, no re-writables will ever match a dye based disc for write quality. They only just meet the specification for reflectivity for a start.

I don’t get it, you carefully choose a good DVD-burner but then you throw the cheapest media at it.

Why not pay 15 cents more on a disk than you are doing now and use better quality media with your burner. Excellent results guaranteed :slight_smile:

I don’t know what’s wrong with your drive or media. I get much better result with this combination.

PIE yes but your PIF is no good. In my experience I never found Philips to provide any quality media.

Hi, I am also very new to this business but have also just replaced an old 4x writer with a new NEC ND-3540A. Not sure if this is the place to post this but here goes.

I have some DataWrite Titanium DVD-R 8x media (100 tub) which Nero tells me are Verbatim MCC 02RG20 discs with write capability of 2x,4x,6x,8x,12x.

Problem is that Nero transfer test cannot get above 4x with this media/drive combination - does anyone know if there is a compatibility issue here. The drive came with firmware 1.01 and I cannot find any updates for that on the NEC website.

By the way, I have another (50 tub) of DataWrite 8x that Nero identifies as CMC CMC MAG AE1 with 2x,4x,6x,8x and the transfer test happily get up to 8x with those.

Hope someone can tell me if there is anything I need to fix or whether I should just live with slow writes on these media and avoid Verbatim in future.


Odd. I can burn MCC002 RG20 at 8x on the 3540 and 1673S

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Don’t blame your drive, blame your media. NEC’s in general do wery well on -R’s.

Even though Datawrite media shows up with MID MCC02RG20 they are not real Verbatims. Most probably some low quality media Verbatim doesn’t want to put their name on, made by CMC.
(Make a search for “Datawrite” in you will find more reactions from other users.)

Next time spend a few $$ more and buy quality media. :slight_smile:

Try to write or erase the RW’s 3 times before you use it for your data.
The quality should improove.

I do agree that with the currently available firmware the latest NEC has an average writing quality also with top notch media like Taiyo or Verbatim.
I have both LG GSA-4012b and the 3540 but I’m currently using only the LG for burning single layer DVD-R because the quality is better than buring the exact same media with the NEC.

It’s a young burner, hopefully with new official firmware the write quality will improve a lot.

Thanks for all the suggestions! So the consensus is that the drive is OK, but the media is flaky? I was trying to save some $ by going with cheap media, but I guess it costs more in the end. I’d rather have higer writing quality than to save a few pennies. Seems like it can only get better with time, with new firmware updates and such.

BTW I found this review of Philips 041 media and they seem to be OK:
But then again, they were using a different burner and different software to test their DVDs.

Does anyone know what app they were using to grab the media info from? It’s the first screengrab on that page.

I never got any quality from Philips media. Only exception were some overpriced premium CDs years ago, which were repackaged TY anyway.