Concerned about my LiteOns

Hello all!

I am a member of this forum for a very long time now, but I doubt I have ever posted here - most of the time I read and learn, and now I am very… unsatisfied.

I’ve bought Liteon SHW-16H5S writer to replace my aged NEC ND-2510 which served me for two years, and I kinda expect this drive to serve me that long. But…
When I bought it, and replaced the drives, I couldn’t get LightScribe. A bit of browsing revealed me LS host service needs to be installed. OK, I’ve installed it, but still no LS. As I have Nero OEM, I thought it is the problem with it’s OEM serial, so for testing purposes I asked a friend for his legit full Nero 6 (he doesn’t use it, he’s on Linux), and still no Lightscribe. I was going raving mad, and finaly found on Nero site that I need to enable in security options access to optical drives, which then worked, but alas, I will have to buy full version of Nero, as OEM doesn’t work with LightScribe :slight_smile:

(if you know freeware cover designer/“printer” with LS support, let me know).

In the process of searching for solution, I updated firmware to the latest, LS0W. I have the other Liteon reader, LTD163 (GDHJ), which served me quite nice. Now, it has trouble reading burns of DVDRW. When I do the scan with DVDRW, they are quite good, 10/4 mostly, and I am satisfied with the results, but DVD has a lot of trouble reading them. What to do? Are there any trouble regarding this firmware? I’ve searched the forum, but couldn’t found any info on it.

Any info appreciated.


SureThing 4 SE is freely available here.

Thank you, DrageMester. I was on that site, but never looked for other software except for that LS host service :o)