Concatenation of VOB passthru files



I am using the PS3 VOB Pass through option.

When I originally ran it, it produced a 1.6Gb VOB file for one episode of Deep Space 9 (i.e. about a quarter of a DVD).

I have now run it again with the same settings AFAIK, but asking it to encode all 4 episodes of DS9 from another DVD, and it is producing multiple VOB files for each episode.

Specifically a 1Gb VOB file marked “CD1” followed by a second VOB file of approx 1/2 Gb marked “CD2”. I appreciate the spec for VOB files specifies a maximum of 1Gb, but I would prefer that the software operated as it did when I specified just one episode to encode and produce me a 1.6Gb VOB file.

Is this just an anomaly in the code between asking it to encode single vs. multiple episodes, or am I missing an option I can set somewhere to control if VOB files produced adhere to the maximum 1Gb limit?

Many thanks,


The PS3 VOB Passthrough is different from the generic one in that the output file size is limited to 4096MB. You should not see the CD1 or CD2 if the file size is below that limit and you have selected “No Split” on the Conversion Settings page. You will probably see a different VOB set for each Title, however.