'Tis the season for Grads so let’s talk about them. I’m here in Cheney WA today to celebrate our older daughter’s graduation. She’s Magna Cum Laude and landed a job with the School that’s going to pay her post grad tuition. We couldn’t be happier…:flower:

Congratulations olyteddy! That sounds great for your daughter. :clap:

My niece finally graduated this year. She went to school for a few years, then stopped and went to work for a while. Went back to school and finished Summa Cum Laude…at age 29. Job market for new graduates isn’t great though, so she’s still looking in the Austin, TX area.

That was Paula’s biggest score, being able to postpone that job hunt for two years. She’s studying to be a consellor, so if the job market doesn’t improve in two years her field should be even more in demand…


Nice one olyteddy! Warmest conCATulations to your daughter :clap::flower:

Nice, oldteddy. Sounds like she’s worked pretty darn hard and is gettin’ to enjoy the fruit of her labor. :slight_smile: Congrats to y’all. :clap:

& Here’s to hoping your niece can find something she likes soon, Kerry. :slight_smile: