Hi i was just wondering if anyone know if this brand of 8X DVDRs is good/reliable because they seem extremely cheep so i dont really trust them but if they are reliable i will buy them i burn alot of movie DVDs and data so let me know if you think they are good heres a link:

ÃŒ think you’Ve just answered your own question :slight_smile:

I’d steer clear from it - if you’re looking long term storage don’t think about it.

Check their specials on the Maxells from time to time, from my experience they are either MAXELL002 or RITEKR03 and are just fine… I would stick to Maxell, the rest IMO is good for garbage :smiley:

Hey thanks for the reply these are what i usually buy:

Those are good for storage right? I hope so 99% of my dvds are those :doh:

and are these the maxells you are talking about?

Thanks again for the reply!

I should mention something here. Apparently one person has bought a spindle of 100 of the Comstar DVD+R discs and found that they have a MCC003 code. When I checked the DVD+R spindles in store they had hub markings that match some of my genuine Verbatim MCC003 discs. I should point out these are the hub markings in the silver part of the ring outside of the clear plastic area at the centre. Specifically the markings in the following form:

ZD####-DVR-X47A where # are numbers (I forget the exact numbers)

My CMC-origin Verbatim-branded 8x DVD+R discs have this code:


Unfortunately that area isn’t visible due to the design of the spindle so you couldn’t, for example, look to see if they are of CMC or Prodisc origin. The spindles are marked as “Printed in Taiwan”. I’m not sure if the printing term was an error or if they specifically put “Printing” because the discs come from elsewhere.

Unfortunately I only noticed these details when the spindle of 100 went back up to $34.99 and now it is back at $49.99 so I didn’t want to chance buying a pack of my own to actually do burn/quality tests and find out that they are poor quality Verbatim rejects. Here is the original discussion.

Note that this is for the spindles of 100 DVD+R. The 200 packs at FS are in boxes and I haven’t looked inside so it could be that Comstar is shipping another type of media in those.

No no no no ! Stay away from Memorex - Once decent, now very marginal quality :slight_smile:

Also look at the reviews, not too good :smiley:

and are these the maxells you are talking about?

Yes I get them also in spindles of 100 too.

If it says made in taiwan, they are are RITEKR03 (+R) or RITEKG05 (-R).

The memorex are based on CMC and the batch I used in 2003-2004 were excellent - however I wouldn’t count on that in 2005, let alone using those for longterm storage :smiley: I can’t believe how cheap some of those DVDs are nowadays - I think they will soon start to include them in cereal boxes :smiley:

If the Memorex are CMC, they can be good and reliable if burnt in NEC drives. :wink: - don’t even think about it if you have a Pioneer drive, though. Pioneer + CMC = :Z

About the Maxell discs, buy only +R, Ritek G05 (-R) is a very suspect MID these days.

Even MCC is variable nowadays, so don’t expect non-Verbatim-branded MCC to be top-notch :frowning:

So i just found out my memorex are CMC, CMCMAG = CMC Magnetics (Taiwan) = (-R)

according to this is bad expecially since 99% of my backed up movies are memorex :(.

                       Complete Media Code                           

00000000 00 6C 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 84 0D 12 .l…@…R…
00000010 98 99 90 00 03 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 00 04 47 2E 20 …CMC MA…G.
00000020 41 4D 33 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0D 14 AM3…

The site is a bit outdated - :smiley:

Actually when i used memorex in the year 2003, the CMCs were decent, they gave even better scans than the RICOHJPN :slight_smile: CMC is very variable but a lot of times marginal quality - you can get away with good looking kprobes, but in terms of longevity I would not count on CMC for archival purposes unless something has changed that I don’t know about!

Personally I’d steer clear from Memorex, period - Their quality control is virtually unexistant - Maxell provides a lifetime waranty - not memorex.

So you have all those movie backups ? You sure buy a lot of movies :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: With all that money you could buy quality media too, like I do… :smiley:

Buying media nowadays is hit & miss…

Some info is lacking in this MID.

But don’t panic, if they have been burnt properly, they should have a good lifespan. Contrary to popular belief on this board, CMC DVDRs are pretty stable. Either they burn good (on a couple of burners) or bad (on many burners) but they don’t degrade fast like Princo or recent -R Riteks.

CMC bad reputation comes from the fact that many burners don’t suppor their discs like they should, and then lots of people had countless coasters wiuth CMC. As I mentioned above, NEC drives burn CMC with excellent results.

Apparently that person never post any scan result on his Comstar MCC 003 as he said he would.

I have a SONY DVD RW DRU-800A but i just came back from exchanging my 100 spindel of memorex with 3 50spindels of maxell +r’s 8x so i basicly gained 50dvd+rs :slight_smile: and a new wireless keyboard and mouse.

well if anyone has these discs, I would like a scan of them as well, or at least an MID so we can find out if this 200 batch is a steal of a deal or just more trash.

I picked up a 100 pack of the Comstar DVD+R discs at Future Shop last night (price had gone down to $24.99/100) and…they went right back to the store this morning. They did have a MCC003 code and hub markings were consistent with Verbatim origin discs. However, these were definately the poor cousins. Nearly every discs that I looked at had one sort of blemish or another on the writing surface. Some had major scratches while others had spotting (similar to some of the Fuji TYs in the past), blotches, or defects across the whole radius of the disc. I didn’t bother burning any of them in case that would jeapardize my ability to return them but considering the obvious visual flaws I wouldn’t trust them.

As I mentioned above, non Verbatim (or Mitsubishi) branded MCC is suspect. MCC don’t produce in huge quantities, and most of their discs found under other brands are probably B-grade and rejects.

Considering that these days MCC discs vary in quality even under their own brand (Verbatim), one must definitly not expect good quality from MCC discs sold under other brands…

This solves the mystery of why that person in the other forum never bother to post any scans on his Comstar MCC 003. Thanks for taking up the challenge, bodobodo.

If you want to buy a lot of these DVDs, they are cheaper at Wal-Mart!!

22,97$ at Future Shop
19,97$ at Wal-Mart

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