ComStar Product - Hardware Compatable?

SO I have a windows XP, it is an ACER. The cord I was given does not fit my motherboard. Can I get an adapter? Or do I have to get a totally new product?

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Could you please be a bit more descriptive; at the moment we think you have an Acer computer with Windows XP, but we are not sure what ComStar product you mean, or what the “cord” has to do with the problem.

Sorry, the comstar product I have is a LG dvd burner(CO-DVRW-18XS). It came with two cords. A power cord which i had no trouble hooking up. But the cord(serial ATA 26AWG E74020) that connects from the dvd burner to the motherboard I do not think is compatable. It has a weird design that I cannot see on the motherboard.

Yo zen-

Sounds like you have a SATA external drive and it may have come with a SATA cable to link it from the drive to the BACK of your computer - suggest ‘googling’ "SATA connections to find a picture that resembles your cable end - then find a pci card with the SATA connection so you can then connect the external LG drive to your computer-eh!!