Comstar DVR-S111B problems

I need some help.

I have a Comstar DVR-S111B DVD/RW in an external USB case. Windows sees it as a Pioneer DVD-114R.

I cannot get windows to recognize this as a RW drive. I’ve tried various CD/RW and DVD/RW media, and when the disk is in this drive Windows thinks it is read-only. The same disk in another PC’s DVD/RW drive recognizes it as a RW disk and will let me add files, erase, etc. I’ve tried both formatted RW media and blank media.

I’ve tried this on my 2 PCs - One desktop (with a busted CD/RW drive, which is why I bought this one) and also a Toshiba laptop. Both have WindowsXP home edition. The driver that gets installed is Microsoft 5.1.2535.0 from 2001. I have searched the web trying to find a newer driver but cannot find one for this drive.

What further complicates this is that when I first bought this unit last month I swear that I tried it and confirmed that it worked. Now that I want to use it again it seems to no longer function as anything but a CDR drive.

Any suggestions as to how to get this drive to work as a full-function DVD/RW drive?


Correction to the above: Windows reports this drive as ‘DVD-111D USB Device’ The DVD-114R i sth e drive that no longer works in my PC.

I found the forum for Poineer drives and will post this there. Hopefully that is a better place for this quetion.

Hi Seabert and Welcome to CDFreaks. Now that you have your question posted in the Pioneer forum I will close this thread and leave a link to your new thread: :slight_smile: