Comstar DVR-S111B / Pio 111 series?

I’m trying to get clear on what’s what. I can get the Comstar USB drive that says it’s a Pio inside for $100. Some messages here indicate it is a Pio 111. There are 111D, 111L, maybe more. Am I safe in getting the Comstar? Is there significant difference between the 111 models?

I generally use TY02 8x +R disks and want to bit set to DVD-ROM. Don’t need much more fancy, just reliable performance and good movie burns on the above disks.

Facts? Opinions?


(I try to buy local since mail order to Alaska is a pain and often expensive).

You can get a real Pio 111d for $39.99 at best buy!

I didn’t see that model. My BB had the Pio DVR710 as the only Pio model. I need external, so adding a case would bring it close to $100 even if they did have it.

Although, you got me thinking of another option… I can order from BB website and pick up at the store with no shipping charge. I’ll have to take a look.

Edit: I see from reading other threads that the 710 is the 111. Still an internal though.

The dvr710bk is the 111d. Most optical drives dont fair well on USB. Firewire is the best way to go.