Computex 2006: Philips unveils Blu-ray Drive, dual layer media



I just posted the article Computex 2006: Philips unveils Blu-ray Drive, dual layer media.

 D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us that over at Computex Phillips has unveiled a new (of  course) Blu-ray drive and the appropriate media for working with 2  layers allowing a whopping...
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70 min @ 2x … :r Reminds me of the early days of CD burning!


So, I don’t get it, will it be able to burn dual-layer media or not?


From what I can gather, the drive will burn to dual layer blu-ray discs.


the drive will be able to burn, but there will be no media, so it’s quite useless atm :smiley: Also the hefty price tag, man 15 bugs I can buy 30 tayo yude dvd’s which also hold 30 x 4.7 GB :smiley:


Plus imagine what happens if you happen to accidentally lose or destroy that 50 GB disc. You’re out a lot of valuable data. I’d rather lose one regular DVD (SL or DL) rather than a DL blu ray disc. :S


doveplay, i had a friend that talked like that… he said he’d never burn important data (like mp3’s!!!) to dvd, only to cd. he was afraid of losing 4 gigs of mp3’s. i’ve never ever had a problem with a (verbatim or tdk) dvd so i don’t worry about burning 50gigs to br-d.


Well everyone is different. What happens if you lose the disc though somehow? It’s probably irrelevant. Several years down the road when the prices come down, I’ll be burning crap to my DL Blu Ray disc with my blu ray writer (this is of course assuming that blu ray will win the HD format war and both formats will not go the way of SACD and DVD Audio… :wink:


So yeah the story for today is kids “don’t backup on media your likely going to lose”. If it’s super sensative then back it up multiple times on multiple formats so you can be super sure it’s save because it’s super cereas