Computers rapid restarting

Hey guys, this is the problem i am having atm.

One day i decided to clean my PC inside from dust, and also change the thermal paste on the processor.

So i took my pc apart, for exp. I took out the power supply out and cleaned it inside from dust (didn’t use any crazy ideas like cleaning it with H2O or with something). So i did use compressed air to blow everything out. Also used some alcohol to clean some places.
When i was done with that part i did put everything back together and went to blowing dust from the motherboard, hard drives and so on. Then i unmounted the CPU cooler and the radiator grill. After that i could see the AMD processor, so just for safety sakes or whatever i did take out the processor, had a look at his golden connectors on the bright light for any damage after years and years of using. Everything looked great, carefully i mounted it back, added a bit thermal paste on top of it (not too much, not too little. also removed the old bits that i could easily clean). Added the grill on top with the cooler and there we go! Good as new.
After that i connected all the wires back and turned on the PC…

…This is the part when everything goes crazy.
So everything looks like its working like the good old days, but after something like 30 min my PC restarted. So i waited for it to load, after maybe 15 min it restarted again. And like atm i am writing this message from the same pc and its not restarting for about 1h. This restarting problem is going like this for two days. Sometimes it can restart when it only starts to load windows, or or on welcome screen with users, or when u select a user, change the backgrownd, or when you start to do something with it, like anything that starts to load the CPU more (but thats just my idea).
I used safe mode but even there sometimes the pc just restarted.
So i need any ideas what could i do to fix it, because i aint got any more of them.

BTW!!! when it all started it killed my portable HD with 300GB of space. So i am trying to recover all the files to another portable HD, but the pc after a few min restarts, or the hard drive just gets stuck and in the end freezes the PC for good.
And the day before i started to clean, the internet was out for all the day, also i saw that my ip did change on this PC, and in the morning was back on working.

I got a old pc just for work with photoshop or internet browsing or music…
*Microsoft Windows XP SP3
*AMD Athlon 1.79GHz
*768MB of RAM
*nVidia GeForce FX5200 Point Of View
*60GB of space

Core temp was about 53C max! (did a check in BIOS after it restarted)

Also did not install any new hardware or software. Only downloaded some pictures for working, but all in all nothing special. (I am not sure, but my lil sis wanted to install some crappy game like Line Age or something. And maybe there she changed the IP or Host file or something, maybe it was a virus, who knows. She is kinda blond =\ )

So like my idea is that i got no idea what the hell is wrong with it. Its not the first time i take a part PCs or clean them or fix 'em… so I really need a second brain for this!

Maybe the problem is in:
Connecting the wires?
Video Card?
Old HD overload? or just about to die?

(sorry for a very long message, but i wanted just to make it as clear as possible)

Thanks in advance.

My vote goes to the PSU , never took one apart to clean it so do not know about that.I just blow them out once in a while.

2 nd choice would be ram maybe not seated corectly,or just gave out after you pulled them out.

3 rd choice would be the CPU or paste actually, some need more some need less to work properly, you may want to check the spec on that chip and see what they say.

The cause of your problem is a hardware related issue. bean55 has stated the three top problems that will usually be the cause.

I would check the amount of paste and the contact that the CPU has to the board. You might have too much or to little or it’s not evenly spreadout.


Well the power supply is kinda simple. Actually i think there is no problem with it. Did not touch anything i shouldn’t have without proper tools, and totally did not take a hammer and smash it. =\ (maybe i should) lol.

Anyways, the Rams are in place, did a check and a double check, all looks good (the way it sits there, and in computer specifications)
Maybe its really the paste, i will check it tomorrow or any time soon. Right now waiting for more of your ideas guys ^^

Like the golden contacts right? Maybe dust got in there when i took the CPU out?

Thanks for a fast resp.

BTW! Forgot to tell you this, i actually installed a new cooler on my Video Card, because the original eventually died. And this cooler conects to my power socked (i connected it to a power socked, the same one that is used for hd, and cd-rom power. Well that was the way the manual says) also checked and double checked it. In anyway it worked like this for more than a month.

Sounding more like the PSU, they can lose a leg real quick on you, might try changing the line that feeds the HDD with another line and see if that helps.

To rule out a BSOD (which causes XP to auto-restart):

[li]Go into the Start menu, right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”
[/li][li]Go into the “Advanced” tab
[/li][li]Under “startup and Recovery”, click “Settings”.
[/li][li]Remove tick from “Automatically restart”
[/li][li]Click ‘OK’ to both dialogues.

Wait until the problem occurs again.

If the PC restarts, it’s most likely the PSU as bean55 suggests.
If you get a blue screen of death, it’s more likely the RAM at fault. In this case, run a RAM test.

[QUOTE=Seán;2462802]If you get a blue screen of death, it’s more likely the RAM at fault. In this case, run a RAM test.[/QUOTE]

If you do get the BSOD be sure to write down the stop error code and post it on here because
that error code will tell a lot about what is causing most if not all of your problems most of the
time. It will start with something like 0x0… where the … is more 0’s or letters or
numbers. :iagree:

If the CPU is over heatings, make sure the cpu fan is spinning, maybe you forgot to plug that one in. Another thing to try, if/when you remove the cpu again make sure you don’t over do the thermal grease, it only needs a dab the length of a grain of rice in the center. Also when installing an AMD cpu make sure you press down firmly on the cpu while locking the lever.

If your PSU worked fine just before, I find it hard to believe it died just from a tear down.

Okay… so like yesterday and today i was checking out the temperature of my CPU and MotherBoard and so on…
In the end today i provoked my PC with a program called OCCT. I Started a CPU test and the PC restarted the second i pressed “ON” in the program. But before that i did disable the restart on my PC so i got the info from BSOD.

It goes like this:
*** STOP: 0X0000008E (0XC0000005,0X8054C105,0XB91FC8EC,0X00000000)


I would reseat the cpu and follow the suggestions I posted above.

[QUOTE=MicroAlex;2463010]Okay… so like yesterday and today i was checking out the temperature of my CPU and MotherBoard and so on…
In the end today i provoked my PC with a program called OCCT. I Started a CPU test and the PC restarted the second i pressed “ON” in the program. But before that i did disable the restart on my PC so i got the info from BSOD.

It goes like this:
*** STOP: 0X0000008E (0XC0000005,0X8054C105,0XB91FC8EC,0X00000000)


You can try this and see if it is any help to you.
STOP: 0X0000008E, 0XC0000005 Error codes

Reseat the CPU. Make sure the contacts are clean. Use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the contacts and use a lint-free cloth.

Remember that you have to do it in one shot. If you have to lift the CPU up again you’ll have to start over. This is to minimize the chance of getting an air pocket in the thermal grease which you don’t want.


Hey, sorry that i took me sooo long to answer this.

I finally had the time and nerves to fix ma old PC.
So as most of you guys told me the problem was in the Thermal Paste. As i took my PC apart again, i saw that somehow some of the paste got on another chip. So after cleaning, i started to apply the past all over again and in the end the PC works good. I don’t know how i did f*ck up so badly at first, because its not the first computer that i tare apart and change the thermal paste.

Also a bit more info, hope someone will find it useful.
A few weeks ago i took apart a HP Compaq Presario C700, and totally cleaned it because the laptop was overheating like crazy and restarting. So after I did replace the paste, cleaned the cooler, grills and so on, it works faster in games and other tasks because the temperature mostly only goes up to 60 when stressed almost on 100%, and the Intel integrated GPU is also working better with less lag. In stable mode just making simple tasks the core gets about to 40-50c. So no restarts since then.
Tho i want to point out one thing. Some laptops have something like a air filter build inside. In my case it was not just dirty, but also badly burned. And because of that the air wasn’t passing through. So taking that out on laptops helps a lot to cool the system. Its kinda safe to take it out, so if your laptop is overheating, check if u have a filter that is full of dirt or something like that. (tho i would not recommend taking it out if you are working in dirty, dusty conditions… just replace it with a similar material)

Also I am wondering if anybody needs pictures of HP Compaq Presario C700 inside components. If yes please tell me where to upload them or who to send them to. (they are not super HQ but still)

Thank you for your help and time :slight_smile: