Computer Won't Switch On!

I have a Medion laptop with Suse 10.1 installed.

I was installing the Ati Radeon drivers and to test it I went to play Alien Arena. It didn’t work, instead I got the “no 3d support detected” warning dialog, and instead of the game starting up my screen became huge (about 4 times the size of my monitor).

I restarded my computer and instead of being welcomed by the GRUB bootloader, NOTHING! Just the “Press F2 to enter setup, press F12 for the boot selection menu.” Unfortunately, when I press either of those it returns “ENTERING…” and it never does.

Please, PLEASE help me!

Kiah from the sound of things you crashed x-org and it must of messed up Grub. Put your SuSE DVD in your drive and boot from it, it should automatically detect SuSE on your HD and select repair option and to repair Grub Use the following command [B] grub-install /dev/hda
[/B]after you reinstalled Grub you should be able to boot into SuSE again as before. And then repair your x-org file. :wink:

Sure that would be nice, but are you sure it’ll work? It won’t enter BIOS setup or boot menu. However, when I press esc it DOES enter some screen that tells me about my setup. It also says “511 ram detected” which sounds strange, I have 512. Also, it says “shadow bios” and “shadow video bios”. What are they?

I’ll try the Suse dvd anyway.

No go. It won’t boot from my optical drive.