Computer won't shutdown completely

I’m running Windows XP Professional on my computer and when I shutdown it down it boots down to a screen that says it is now safe to shut off your computer. I then have to shut if off in the back of the computer or press the on switch for four seconds to shut down. When I had Windows 98 it shutdown completely on its’ on. How do I fix this problem? Thanks for your advice and comments.

What form-factor do you have? If yiu have just AT, you have to manually press the switch for it to turn-off completely(its a natural for it to display ITS NOW SAFE TO TURN OFF COMP.). If ATX then it will automatically shut the system off.

In the case of windows 98 it often dont display the IT IS NOW SAFE TO TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER because of the shutdown bug which can be fix sometimes by downloading the shutdownfix of win98.

hope it helps…

go to my computer and right click on properties go to device manager on top click show all devices and then enable api this will cure your problem