Computer wont recognize cd burner /dvd player

I have a Sony Vaio notebook pcg-45 with microsoft windows xp home edition. Lately ive been having problems with the cd-rw/ dvd drive.
the problem is i cannot play dvds, play audio cds, or burn cds, on “my compuer” it used to list cdrw/dvd drive e, and now it just says : cd drive e

its a QSI CD-RW/ DVD SBW 242c version 5.1.2535.0 microsoft 7/1/01…it used to list under drives: cdrom.sys, gearaspiWDM.sys , imapi.sys, and redbook.sys, (even then i think it was missing some drivers) now it just lists cdrom.sys

i tried contacting sony and they told me to uninstall and reboot, and that should reinstall drivers, but thats what got me into more stress as thats how the only driver that shows up now in the properties is the cdrom.sys driver. On start up, the computer detects new hardware and asks to install software for the drive but fails to find the software needed. the computer didnt come with a windows cd.
any expertise is appreciated

Once you insert a dvd into the drive, the icon will change to a DVD-RW drive. You can simply refresh screen to to change icon in the my computer window.

You can go back using Restore, or use recovery CD which usualy come with the laptop.
Looks like some drivers are corrupted.