Computer won't recognise my sata dvd drive



Hi all

This is my first visit to your forum and thank you for having me !!

         I have a problem with my Asus drw-1814blt sata lightscribe dvd internal burner my computer won't recognise it at all i had to buy a ide to sata adapter because my motherbard had no sata only ide so i attached the adapter board to the ide slot and then plugged the power in and the adapter board lights up as it should and also plugged in the sata data cable and power to the dvd burner and power goes to that to but the computer just dosen't pick anything up at all is there something in the bios i need to do ?
I have a k7som motherboard and any help would be great.

Regards Rick


I recall seeing some refs to sata to ide adapters having probs with DVD because they were said to be indicated for HDDs.
You refer to a ide to sata adaptor - i don’t know if it is the same thing. Probably yes, but…
Have you considered to install a Sata controller via the PCI bus? You may find these boards to give you sata inputs to a machine that only have IDE controllers.
This would be the way I would try instead of an adapter. Just an idea, good luck.


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, I am surprised how could get the DVD Burner (SATA) when your mother board do not have a means of housing the drive so you really got yourself a headache. Therefore, as previous poster has suggested your only alternative is to buy a SATA Controller (PCI type) and connect you SATA drive to your M/B by this Controller.


your better off replacing it with an ide drive , in theory it can work with an sata card , but in reality its very hard to find one thats compatbile with optical drives ,sata drives are much more compatible with onboard sata (provided by the motherboard chipset)


Hi Steama,

I guess that I experienced the same situation. In fact, my mother board has 2 SATA slots but I’m using them for hard drives. Then I’ve got that SATA drive and had to install an PCI adaptor which has 2 more SATA slots. At first, I got the same situation like you described as my computer did not recognise the drive at all. Then I found a CD that go with the adaptor and install its driver (RAID driver). Do your adaptor have driver? If yes, try to install it and see how it go.

Hope this help.


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