Computer wont recognise DVD


I bought a DVD to watch on TV & it had a glitch that made it freeze half way thru. The person I bought it from(who won’t refund me) says it works properly on most DVD players, but not some. Trouble is, my computer doesn’t even register that there’s a DVD in the drive, so I can’t even tell you what file types it contains. Any ideas on how to make it work?

If it is not pressed then give it back and get your refund.

I think you bought pirated DVD (Like the guy say “it will play on most players, but not some”). I hope you did not pay full DVD price for it, because you are out of luck.
Stay away from guys like that. Regular DVD’s are not so expensive especially if you wait couple weeks after original release time.
If it does not work, you can do nothing about it.

No, wasn’t pirated, just obviously not very professionally made. It’s not a standard film. As I said, I can’t get a refund. Any ideas on making it work??

I live in the UK. Some DVDs I’ve made won’t play on DVD Players in Canada and the US but will play on computer, and vice versa. I suspect it’s the Canadian- and US-manufactured equipment that causes it and not the DVDs - perhaps something to do with NTSC v PAL. If the DVD you bought is from another country, perhaps that’s why it won’t play. The only thing I can suggest is that, if it will play on your computer, you could try copying it and see if that produces a disk that won’t freeze on your DVD Player. (Obviously I don’t know a lot about these things, but anything is worth a try, I reckon.)

I you was watching the movie and it stopped in the middle of the movie, it could be dirty or scratched.
Try cleaning the disc


Hi blashaw
If you want to make DVD for North America you have to use NTSC setup otherwise they will not play on dvd players here. Most European players can play both formats, not in America.

back to LOOSIE
I think you are stuck with it. If your computer does not see it, it has to be a bad disk. Maybe if you go back to the guy and ask for new disk in exchange, he may go for it, instead of refund.
I would take the disk with you and ask him to play it on his machine, see what happen.

On the second thought.
Get good brand DVD/r disk (lots of people say VERBATIM is good) with you and tell the guy to copy the one you have to your new one, that is if yours will play on his machine. Also check what type he is using. DVD-R or DVD+R. That could also be your problem with computer, because older drives would play only one type. Check the manual for your drive or go to the manufacturers web site to see specifications for your drive.

Thanks people,

Yes, I’m in Australia & the disk came from USA, so maybe same prob as Blashaw. Are there any progs out there that make something readable whether NTSC or PAL?

Hi loosie
Did you get DVD Shrink and Imgburn up and running, just wondering :confused:


Both system format (NTSC Vs Pal) and Regional issues are the source of the problem. Still you should be able to over come these issue with advices given to you by various member in this thread.

Hi loosie
NTSC or PAL has to do with playing on standalone player only. Your computer drive does not care about system, it will play both and also different formats of video.
What software player are you using?
What is your operating system?
Since disk came from US it is region 1, Australia is different region (forgot what number). In that case computer should ask if you want to change region on your player. If your computer does not see the disk at all than that is not a problem. There is a software called IsoBuster, it is free to try. See if you download that one and open your disk with that, if it will show anything.
Also check with your friends ,if they have different model of the drive, if your disk can be played on there computer.

Hi CDuncle
If you read her first post right you will see she stated “it freeze half way thru.” when she was watching it
So I would think it is dirty or scratched , since she was able to watch half of the movie

Tim :bigsmile:

Well, I re red the posts and you are wright. What gets me that DVD is not recognized on the computer drive. If it played on DVD player, than format is correct and most likely DVD is recorded as region free.
In some forums I went through, in Australia DVD players will play both formats like most in Europe.
Like I said before it could be dirty disk, like scratched or badly burned, but the disk should show on your drive as something.
If it is a bad disk I do not know any way to fix that.
I red somewhere (in forums) that you can fix scratched disks, newer tried that myself.

Hey CDuncle
You say you do not how to fix that :confused:
Sure you do :bigsmile:
You said it in your last post [B]Think[/B] man [B]Think[/B] :smiley:
I have ran across a few DVD’s that has had the same problem as loosie has now, and my computer would not even open it let a lone read it SO… I used ISO BUSTER to copy to HD and did a backup from there, NOW do you remember

Tim :cool:

I do not know if IsoButer will work if you have a bad burn or scratches, but it is worth to try.

I have used it many times and it worked for me, BUT like you said it’s worth a try :bow:

I hope loosie is still reading this post.
The guy is from other forum and has video production in Sydney, if that DVD is so important may be he can help.

Hi guys,

Sorry, been too busy to get onto this one. Thanks for the further suggestions. Yes, I’ve got DVD Shrink with the image thingy. That didn’t acheive anything. I’ll try the ISO Blaster next :rolleyes: I’ll let you know how it goes.

Can someone tell me a safe site to get ISO Blaster please? I didn’t see it listed when I searched on Softpedia.

Woops, scrap that last request - it’s in Softpedia under ‘Buster’ not Blaster.