Computer Wont recoginize sony DVD+R cd




I have a Dell Latitude D530 and need some help. Ok i can burn cd’s just fine with the laptop. I am trying to burn a DVD for a movie. And i put my DVD’s i have in and the computer doesnt even recoginze i have a dvd in the drive. I am trying to use Sony DVD+R 120 Min/4.7GB discs. The full specs are DVD+R ver 1.3/1x-16x. My drive hardware is TSST corp cdrw dvd tsl462d
any help or suggestions would be appreciated

Sincerly Gerald Martinez


Gerald, a brief Google of the TSL 462d shows that it is a combination drive. It can both read and write to cds, but it can only read dvds. You cannot burn a dvd with it.

Here are the specs:

If you want to burn dvds with this laptop, the easiest path would be to buy an external dvd drive.