Computer won't read optical drive, internal or external

I can’t seem to figure this one out, I have installed 3 different optical drives into my PC, and none of them will work. At first i figured it was a problem in my motherboard, so i bought a converter kit to convert my internal optical drive into a usb powered external, and THAT won’t even work, I don’t know what to do, and any information will be greatly appreciated.



How about giving us some information first. What operating system, brand and model of computer (cpu, ram, hard drive, etc.) Model of your DVD burners, burning software, etc.

Yeah more info will help…And did you check/replace signal cables?..
Make sure everything is seated properly?..

I am running an ibuypower brand PC, it has Windows vista 64-bit, with service pack one, 500gb hard drive, 4gbs of ram, 3.0ghz processor. The dvd drive that I currently have in the computer is an LG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner Black IDE Model GH22NP20 - OEM, thats what it said on my online receipt anyway. any other information you would need to help I will gladly give you.


Is it plugged to its own channel? Is it sharing cable (i.e Master,slave etc…?

it is in its own channel, the master cable has two ports, but only one of them is in use, and that is by the optical drive.

If it’s on its own channel set it as master…Might want to check your cables,maybe you’ve got a defective one,and use an 80-wire type…Does it show up in BIOS?..

I’m not entirely sure, I’m still learning about computing, but when i first installed the drive a window came up telling me that the drivers were not correctly installed for the optical drive, and nothing has came up since then, no drive shows up under my computer or anything like that.

You shouldn’t need any special drivers, it’ll use windows drivers…For now unplug the cables and get rid of the whatever conversion type gizmo thingy, you hooked up to external,and plug your IDE cable to drive…Reboot…Are you sure the cable is good?

no, im not sure if its good or not, ill try to get another one tonight or tomorrow to test it. thanks.