Computer wont play most dvds!

Hi. I recently just encountered a problem that is kind of odd. I have a NEC 2510 dual layer burner, and the problem is that after I burn dvds, the computer doesnt play them. I open windvd player or ulead dvd player, and they both just freeze. I try the original disc and it works. I have a standalone sony dvd player, which plays every single disc after I burn it. I dont understand why my computer wont play some of the discs. Also, if i try opening the disc in dvd shrink, that freezes too. I’ve let it go for about a minute, but it shouldnt take that long. So far I have used 2 different kinds of media, compusa dvd-r, 2x, and newegg ridata dvd-r, 4x. They both work in the sony. Also, some of my previously burned dvds dont seem to work either in the computer. Any suggestions? Thanks

Actually, its seems really random. So far out of the last 5 movies i’ve copied, 2 play fine on the computer, while they all work on the sony. All of em were copied by the same software, altough they arent all the same discs. The two that work are 2 different discs tho! Any ideas would be great.

[B]Try UDF reader in windows up dates?