Computer won't boot in extended monitors


I have an F2A55-M LK Plus motherboard with an A8-5600K AMD APU. Just a couple of weeks ago when the computer boots everything goes as it should until the welcome screen and then the primary monitor goes blank and turns off.

A bit before that when it booted the both monitors would come on but the primary monitor would have a resolution 800x600 and could not be changed and control panel said it was the primary monitor. The secondary monitor would be 1280x768 and would have the desktop icons and task bar icons on it but control panel says it is the secondary monitor. Control panel says the monitors are extended. This started suddenly. I shut down the computer after use and the next time I booted this started happening.

I even tried a graphics card thing the APU might be at fault. Now I have no idea what is causing this problem. Anyone have and solutions. Thanks.


Problem solved, reset ram.


How should that be done?
Instead of “RAM” you more likely meant config/setup or the CMOS.


Nope, I meant RAM. I took the ram out and reinserted it and, viola, everything worked correctly.

Now I will admit it was not because of my computer acumen that I discovered this. For several months to computer acted as I described in my post. Then I booted the computer one day and neither monitor would come on. So I shut down the computer, took the ram out, reinserted the ram, and the computer booted with both monitors working perfectly in extended mode.


Good to hear, most likely resetting the CMOS would have done the same. :wink: