Computer won't acknowledge my dru-510a

I’m in the process of putting together a computer to give to someone. The system is an older Pentium II, 500MgHz, 512 RAM, IBM 300pl. Im trying to install my Sony DRU-510A DVD-RW into the system. The Bios won’t acknowledge the drive is there at all. Sony simply offers a firmware that runs within Windows that works from the drives your computer acknowledges. I don’t have the original disk to install (can’t seem to find it.) Any ideas of how to get the computer to recognize it and then install it? Would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.


A disc will not help the system recognise your burner. This needs to be rectified via BIOS. Have you installed an OS? if so what flavor? have you checked the hardware wizard/device manager of the OS? Have you jumpered the slave/master correctly? Does your BIOS have an auto detect function? As you can tell much more data is needed to resolve such a problem.

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Dear pollushon,

I honestly do not think I could do something so stupid. :stuck_out_tongue: After reading your post, I decided, why not? I’ll just check the jumper. I had it still set to slave instead of master. I reinstalled it, flipped the switch and it’s running like a charm. Thank you for rattling my brain.

HS Dad

Love those ‘fixed on first’ HS Dad. :slight_smile: