Computer will not recognize a dvd or cd in the drives



My computer all of a sudden quit reading or burning dvd/cd’s. It is recognized by the computer and says device is working properly, but when I try to play it says no disk was inserted. It does this with CD-ROMs as well. I can not write to it either. I purchased external DVD burner for connection via USB and it gives the same message. Any suggestions?


If you are using one of the Windows operating systems, click on the link in my signature that says: How to Delete Your Upper and Lower Filters. This will take you to a Microsoft article, where you should click on the button that says Fix It.

That would be the first thing I would try.


I followed your steps up to the point where I selected the registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/. That is about all that showed on the line. I selected that entry and clicked. What showed in the right pane was "default - reg_52 (value not set). That was as far as it would go. Any ideas on how to continue? Thanks.


Hmm, I take it you tried the manual steps, not the automatic Fix It. When working in the registry, you have to click the triangle next to the line with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to open the subfolders.