Computer will not re-install CD-ROMs

I have un-installed two different PC games on my computer and when I try to re-install them my computer does not even recognize that there is a CD in the computer. My guess is that my computer didn’t completely uninstall the program and there’s pieces of it left because both the games work on other computers. But I know next to nothing about software. The CD-ROM works with other CD’s, such as music CD’s, and DVD’s. Can anyone help?

How did you uninstall the games? Did you use the games uninstaller? Try to re-install them by browsing to the cd and clicking on the setup.exe.

Try using a registry cleaner first.

Starforce protected games have a habit of doing this, goggle if that’s the problem there’s a lot of information about sorting it out. I know of several people who got fed up and did a reformat and fresh install of windows because of this.

Try this:
CD Copy Protection Utilities/Tools
Utilites and Tools which enable you manipulate a games protection allowing for a working game backup, keeping your original CD safe from damage.

Where would I get a registry cleaner?

I uninstalled the games by going through the control panel and using the “add/remove programs”

I didn’t realize these replys weren’t being put directly under the poster I was replying too. This one is in reply to sikoone. I can’t browse to the CD because the computer doesn’t even recognize that it’s there. Unless there’s a way to go about it that I’m not aware of.

If your cd drive is not recognized by your pc, try uninstalling it from Device Manager, then restart pc. On reboot, it will rediscover new hardware and intall its drivers. Have the xp cd ready, it may ask for it.