Computer will not detect DVD drive

Last night I am trying to watch a movie on the computer. After about 5 minutes, I get an error message “DrWatson Postmortem Debugger”. Computer did not freeze but the movie did stop. I exit out of all windows and restarted the dvd. Watched the movie no problem.

this morning, the computer will not detect my dvd drive. I reboot and then it does. watched another dvd no problem. No error message this time.
reboot the computer again and since then, i can not get the computer to detect my dvd drive.

I have a NEC 3500 on a dell running XP.

any suggestions?


Try uninstalling the IDE channel that it’s on and reboot and let windows reinstall the IDE channel

Hi Jedi5
Try this

Right click on “My Computer” select “Properties” click on the “Hardware” tab and click on the “Device Manager” button.
In Device Manager go down to where it says “DVD/CD-ROM drives” click on the small box next to it to open a drop-down list showing all CD and DVD drives connected to your computer.
Right click on the drive that is giving you the trouble and click on uninstall, when asked to confirm device removal click OK.
shut down the computer and “Disconnect” the burner from your computer. then re-boot the computer and wait for XP to start-up and after everthing is up and running , shut it down computer again. and re-connect the burner, Now start up the computer and wait for XP to detect the “new” drive and assign the proper driver.

thanks fellas.
that did the trick.

Glad you got it fixed :clap: