Computer will not detect cd burner, USB Mass Storage Device Problem

I have a memorex external cd burner. I have been using it since december with no problems. Now when i go to burn a cd, the computer will not detect it at all. Could this be an issue with my usb controller??

Try it on another computer.

I try to burn a cd with my External Cd Burner and when i go to the usb controller its connected to i get a message saying theres a prob with my mass storage device. Help me!! I’m completely computer illeterate too so simple language please!! thank you!!!

My comp is saying theres a problem with my mass storage device. My external cd burner is connnected to the usb controller with the issue. Is this a problem with my comp or burner??? Anyone have or know how to resolve this prob??

mass storage device problems are usually down to driver problems, have you loaded the USB driver? is it USB 1 or 2, I have very little experiance with external devices so i’ll leave that to others, but as a gues I would say that it’s down to the USB controler.

If it was working before, there is a chance that it was shut down improperly. You can go to control panel/device manager, and remove/uninstall the usb stuff, then reboot and let windows redetect everything.

tried that… no such luck…

Either go to the support web site for the manufacturer of the drive, or call them, and see if there is a self test you can run to determine if the drive is functioning properly. That will eliminate one possible problem. Or find someone else with a pc, and have them hook up your external device and see if it works on their pc. This is one of those deals that is best solved with the process of elimination.

Have you try to restore your system windows registry to a month or two back rebooted, and then try again, and find out if the problem has gone away?

bricole i had the same problem itwas working then just stopped working i phoned tech support,went into device manager and uninstalled the hardware and then restored my system on quick format i lost all my installed programmes but it worked windows detected the hardware i thought i had bought a duff dvd/rw (internal) and lg dvd/rw(dvd/rw cd/rw external) and it was driving me nutz im pc illiterate too in device manager there was an exclamation mark where the hardware installed was and windows was saying to me that the drives was ok and the hardware was working properly that wasnt the case though i was at :sad: point thinking ive bought a crap system untill i had done this!!! now all my hardware is working properly.i tried restoreing the pc to an earlier point but still the hardware didnt work hope my experience of the same problem might help out or somebody posts to your thread with an easier solution :slight_smile: mitch