Computer w/ weird!

Ok this is whats happening on a normal day it just restarted by itself, I sign in w/ my psswd and then it takes for ever in the applying setting part. When it finally pulls up windows my wallpaper is gone and it asks me if I wanna tour win xp. Then I go to my documents and all personal data has dissapear. I snoop around and I find them in C: where all the system files are at. I copy and past to my documents and when I restart every thing happens all over again and even the stuff I copied moved again.
I ran NAV and nothing…
I thought I was good at fixin comps but this one slapped me in the face…
Any enlightment from anybody out there pleasee:confused:

Sounds to me that there is some kind of process or program starting after logging in, doing all these “strange” actions. If you are using WinXP, go to start -> run, type msconfig and check the processes and startup tabs for possible causes.

If you are running Win2k you might need to download msconfig first (unless you want to use a third party program, or the Windows registry editor)…

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I agree with Dee-ehn as windows does not just delete your documents/settings when you start your computer.
Go to the users settings in controll panel and see if you are there and your privalages are correct. If your computer is taking ages to load after you put in your username/password then maybe it’s looking elsewere (i.e. at another computer that’s not there) to confirm the username, times out and logs you in under a guest account wich would explain why all your personal seetings are not there.
Just a thought

Thanx Guys I tried all your ideas which were very Good:bigsmile:
But none of them worked I ended up doing a system restore and thank goodness it work.