Computer use while burning



Here’s an extremely noobish question.
In general, is it okay to use my computer for relatively low processor intensive tasks, like web browsing, while I am burning a DVD?


Also, assuming web browsing is okay, are file sharing programs usually okay to use while burning?

I realize everyone’s experiences may be different, but there must be some sort of rule of thumb here.


all depends on your HW specs. in most cases, yes, it’s acceptable to do low cpu/hd/ram intensive tasks while burning.


I have a TEAC W58E drive and a BenQ DW1620; computer is 3 GHz with 1.5 Gigs of memory. I web browse, do Excel, Word stuff, etc, and haven’t found any problems burning at the same time.


Check the log file of your burning software. If it says you had buffer underruns you should either burn at slower speeds or multitask less. If you have lots of RAM and a fast computer it probably isn’t a problem.



PhotoJim is correct-

Burning is RAM and CPU intensive-

Me personally - I just let it burn - then go back to surfing and processing - and so far no coasters with good medias-