Computer too slow to burn at 4X and higher?

Hi! I’ve just bought DW1620.
The problem is that when I burn DVDRW at 4X, I can’t do anything else on my computer (buffer underruns occur constantly, everything is VERY slow).
The worse it gets when burning DVDR 12X (it takes 8 minutes for me with constant buffer underruns). I think there must be something wrong with the computer settings, because I think I have good enough hardware to do 16X burns…

Intel P4 2,53Ghz
512MB 333Mhz DDR memory
WD 160GB HDD 8MB cache single on primary IDE (UDMA5)
BenQ DW1620 as master on secondary IDE (UDMA2)
ASUS E616 DVD-ROM as slave on secondary IDE (UDMA5)
WinXP Pro SP-2

I use Intel Application Accelerator and following apps are running:
Gene6 FTP Server
Symantec Norton Internet Security 2005
Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2005
MSN Messenger
ATI Control panel
ASUS probe
Creative Audigy2ZS software
WinFast Wizard

Could it be the IAA that slows down the transfers?
Thanks for help.

check in your device manager if your hard disk or dw1620 uses Ultra DMA mode and not Pio mode.

Your DVD-ROM in secondary slave is UDMA5? Are you sure? Try to put the dvd-rom in primary slave leaving the 1620 in secondary master alone. If this doesn’t work, then try to delete the “Secondary IDE Channel” in Device Manager. Windows will re-detect the hardware and settings again.

Yes, the ASUS E616 is UATA100=UDMA5.
I’ve checked the BenQ and it IS using UDMA2.
I’ve forgot to say that I flashed the BenQ with the new B7P9 (1620Pro) firmware.
And I’ve also discovered a strange thing about writing DVD-RW. When I write the DVD-RW in Nero, it says it has written at 4X successfully, but then it fails to verify the data and the disc appears to be blank. This is not normal, is it? (DVD+RW, DVD+R, CD+RW writing is o.k.)

Woohooo… strange things are happening… I’ve tried the DVD-RW again (it is Verbatim 4X (MCC 01…4X)) and the BenQ had problems recognizing the disc. Then it started to blink red (indicating that it is burning) but I did nothing for it. It started by itself. Now I don’t know what to do :slight_smile: Is it doing a full-erase?

I have kind of the same problem, cant burn mitsumi 4x dvd it simply crashes always at the same point with a buffer underrun using nero or even soniq.

I did patch the firmware to the latest one. I tried disabling nforce IDE drivers but that didnt make any difference (the new firmware works anyway with nforce ide drivers)… would gladly need some help

My system is an athlon 2000+ on ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe with 512 Ram

Most systems should be able to burn at 8x if the BenQ is single master of the secondary IDE.
The packaged high quality 80 wire cable in the retail models is required for 8x and higher speeds. If you bought a generic, you will need to purchase an 80 wire cable of the high quality type. Use only a new, extra high quality 80 wire cable of normal or shorter length. Otherwise, 4x is tops.
It is possible to enable, disable UDMA in the BIOS of most systems. Disabling UDMA in BIOS limits top speeds to 8192 (6x) or 11264 (8x), and it is a good diagnostic on the quality of the drive controller chip. Windows will then use “Multi Word DMA2” for access and the drive will automatically slow to the correct speed. If the situation does not improve, set the mainboard back to UDMA. If the situation does improve, then you have just highlighted IDE driver software as the cause of failure. Set the mainboard back to UDMA and replace your IDE driver software. A non-optimal alternative is to disable all of the onboard IDE in favor of a top name brand of add in PCI IDE card.
Use DVD Decryptor ISO mode, Write ISO to test your drive, because that free software has full read write support of BenQ/Phillips products.
If we are troubleshooting with a -R media, please see the media section of this forum to select an optimal media.
Buffer overrums can also be caused by anti-virus sofware or viruses.
In fact, installing any software while anti-virus software is active can cause the software to misbehave until it is cleaned out and then reinstalled without going through the software redirector (misdirector?) of the virus scanner.
Norton protected recycle bin and system recovery are also common causes of buffer underrums.
While the burst speed of a single drive controller channel is of the advertised ratings, the maximum sustained speed is typically 30 megabytes per second. Should the BenQ product be sharing a cable with the “source” drive, then you have 15 megabytes per second sustainable speeds (a questionable 12x). That is why it is recommended to be Single Master of the second drive controller.
Anyway, I hope these basics help.
Let me know. :wink:

I have the BENQ 1620 as secondary master but now i am suspecting the media is not compatible with the drive… it will burn up to 50% then just stops there, nero seems to be hanging and there is no way to terminate the process, i have to cold reboot the pc, i cant even eject the DVD as the red light keeps flashing like it is still writing to the media (even after a night sitting at that same point)

I am using cheap DVD (mitsumi 4x), i wish i hadnt bought them with the drive now I am stuck with 20 useless DVDs…

What is your advice, should I stick to DVD+R until DVD-R gets fixed by BENQ (is it fixable via firmware upgrade…)

thanks a bunch for your help

Ghost might help you fix it. BenQ drives seem to write to DVD-R well.

what do you mean Ghost might help you fix it? sorry for my ignorance i’m pretty new here :slight_smile:

also this morning I tried turning off norton protected recycle bin and was able to burn to 100% but then it crashed on the lead out…man!!! i thought i fixed the problem… tonight i’ll try to completely uninstall it and give it a go… 6 coasters and counting…


Hmm… When I run Nero CD-DVD Speed Burst rate test, it says than BenQ1620 has 23 MB/s which is exactly what 16X burning needs, which I consider low for real 16X burning. My secondary IDE Slave ASUS E616 DVD-ROM (ATA100) has 54MB/s.
Why then BenQ 1620 is ATA33 and not at least ATA66 which would make this a lot easier…?

I’ve just tried following setting:
BenQ on Secondary alone with IAA, without IAA
BenQ one Secondary Master with IAA, without IAA

All the tests the same: 23MB/s.
I have regular 80conductor cable. Should I change it for the one bundled with BenQ? Is it possible, that it would somehow dramatically improve the burst rate?

So I changed the old 80conductor ATA66 cable for the one bundled with BenQ DW1620. Now it is alone on secondary IDE, set at UDMA2/ATA33, connected with its cable. The burst rate in Nero CD-DVD speed is still 23MB/s. I’m going to run some real burning test (simulation)

It has been reported that DVDDecryptor (free) can somehow finalize a disc that crashed on lead-out. I haven’t tried it, but some of those coasters may not be coasters. Also, DVDDecryptor has an ISO write mode that works very well!!!
You may find that it will not crash on lead-out. :wink:
For reference, DVDShrink is excellent for making good ISO files.
Both of these are free and may help (by escaping possible Nero troubles).

BTW, your 23MB/s (23552??) rate is not bad. If you’ve got that much speed, try some good testing with good media. The speed can also be media related.
For a full speed write, Record Now has software overspeed (hidden feature on max setting) that works to trim a few minutes off. Full disc, huge noise, done in 5 minutes? Certainly. Of course, then you need really very good media too.

KubaKuba, like Daniewritesback mentioned, that seems like a boatload of services to have running, alternatively more physical memory would quite possibly help.

I’m new to burning, I have a 2.4C Intel, 1 GB ram, SATA HD and I stop everything I can before a burn. No problems yet with buffer underrun. I would try to diasble the apps and services you listed " Gene6 FTP Server
Symantec Norton Internet Security 2005
Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2005
MSN Messenger
ATI Control panel
ASUS probe
Creative Audigy2ZS software
WinFast Wizard", AND disable your LAN connection. Try a burn. Then add them back one at a time before subsequent burn attempts.

Thanks Daniel for the 80 wire IDE cable info … I will have to check mine out.

I have bought additional 512MB of memory and a SATA HDD. It is OK now. 12X burning is perfect and when simulating at 16X, it goes OK up to 14,5X then it starts to slow down. I will do some more testing…

have you tried removing Intel Application Accelerator ??? this is known to cause many problems. nero’s incd is bad also, any of that direct packet writing stuff causes problems.

Yes, I have tried it. I think it is Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security and Microsoft Outlook that are causing those slowdowns. But it is nothing critical now.

It’s a good idea to close Outlook when burning so it doesn’t check emails (or disable the automatic checking), as Norton AV is set to scan emails coming in by default and that will surely cause the buffer levels to drop.

RecordNow, included with your drive, can do a great job of burning. It slightly edges DVDdecryptor in recording quality and totally toasts Nero in the contest of quality burns. This was tested when burning from an ISO file on a hard drive that had been recently defragmented.

OH! I remembered! Yes, I had the trouble you describe. Source files were stored on an extremely fragmented hard drive, and thus, swap file was fragmented, virus checker was twice as busy and the source files were also fragmented. This caused the hard drive, a WD 120 gb Caviar 7200 RPM 8mb buffer model, to run slower than the BenQ 1620. Decreasing the software load on the computer helped to stop the memory buffer from being swapped to disc (adding ram would also work), shutting off Norton during burning helped too, and defragmenting the hard disc turned out to be extremely important–even with one of the fastest hard disc drives available.