Computer Temperature

What should be an average Temperature for a processor and mainboard?

mine averages between 30-40 degrees celceus

Mine’s a bit hot then 60. How can i cool it.

Oh dear. Amd processors dont shut themselfs down and just fry themselfs. Id say turn your pc off and clean the dust off of your heatsink fan. also try to move cables around a bit to create a bit of airflow. If you are able to, try to increce your fans rpm.

Same here

personally I use a paintbrush

Try a new fan & heatsink. I’ve found a ThermalTake one worked fine for me. Also make sure the thermal paste is correctly applied.

That’s after a thorough cleaning as suggested.

At 2019 mhz that’s surely a bit of overclocking on an XP2400. My overclocked XP2500 Barton is only at 2130 mhz & currently runs at 40c.

You need to get yourself an after market h/s and fan,like was mentioned above a thermaltake.
Use some Artic Silver5 thermal paste instead of the supplied paste.
Increase case fan quantity and/or rpm(fan controllers are handy for this).
And get some canned air to help clean the inside of your case.

I have a xpm2500 running @ 2605Mhz (2.6gig) and my temps are around 30-40 degs but mine is watercooled which makes a big difference.

One that doesn’t cause the computer to crash. As long as it keeps working, don’t worry about termperatures.