Computer stops unexpectadly


Just had a problem with my desktop running Windows 7 64bit. All of a sudden it would turn off, and would not turn back on. Sometimes it would npot get beyond the POST screen, and even if it does, it would work for a minute or two before turning off again.
When this happens, sometimes a lot of lines and colour bars appear on the screen. The mouse and the keyboard would not work then.
Then I have noticed that the computer works for an hour or so if I turn it on after not using it for several hours (such as in the morning). Every morning it would work fine for an hour or so before symptoms occur.
Could it be something with a part overheating? Which part could it be?
Any suggestion is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks.


Power Supply maybe; typical is that the PC can´t be turned on again for a short time

Or to high CPU-/Mainboard-Temperature


I have seen this happen with computers that are never, or rarely, cleaned. Check for dirt first and clean components where necessary. Many times this can solve issues like you describe. Also, reapplying thermal paste on the CPU can solve these type of problems too if it is old and dry.


Is your CPU fan running I have replaced a couple in the last month here at work. Had the same symptoms.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare PSU to test. Nor the thermal paste. And yes, the fan is running, but when I examined it I found that one of the four screws was not secure.Tightened all the screws, and now it is working for about three hours. Don’t know if it will crash again, but I will just wait and see.
If it fails again, I will try with another PSU, and will also try to get a little thermal paste on the processor.
Thanks everyone for all your help. Much appreciated.


Working for about five hours now without any problems. So that must have been it.


Yep sounds like a overheating problem, also sound like you might want to get some new thermal paste on that CPU pretty soon.


Sounds like the CPU cooler was not making good contact with the CPU causing it to overheat.


Ah yes. Start small (and least expensive) Check temps and dirt accumulation. It blows my mind how much crap builds up. A can of air is always a good thing to keep on hand. If you start getting into it (like new thermal paste) I would replace CMOS battery. Run a memory check. “Hard Disc Sentinel” is great to check
to check HDD’s and a lot more. free __
A PSU checker costs a lot less than a PSU.
PSU tester
For 8 bucks it’s a deal.
Let us know how it goes.


Never had that problem again. It is now running fine.

Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.