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Looking for inconspicuous but rockin’ computer speakers, (stereo/sub) any recommendations?

[QUOTE=dost;2581359]Looking for inconspicuous but rockin’ computer speakers, (stereo/sub) any recommendations?[/QUOTE]

Are you in the US or Euro?? As this is a international forum…

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2581361]Are you in the US or Euro?? As this is a international forum…[/QUOTE]
Hi! Didn’t think I would get a reply this fast. Thanks. I’m in Canada.

Not usually but knowing where one is from would get the reply that would get the item your looking for.

I like Cambridge Soundworks.

Depends on your price range. Logitech 5500 at $350, Logitech X540 at $90, or the Logitech Z506 (may be harder to find) at approximately $115.
The two cheaper ones are ok, the 5500’s are way overpriced. I’d rather get studio monitor speakers if you are going to spend more than $150.

Take a look at the choices from Swan also:

People in that web site are rather picky when scoring stuff, but these speakers got a 10/10 :eek:


And price is not ugly :slight_smile:

Altec Lansing, now that’s a name I’ve heard of

I have Several sets of Computer speakers.

On my Desktop I have Altec-Lansing ADA880 5.1 Speaker/Sub, Older system but they work.

On my setup table for client computers I use a pair of Logitech X-140
These speakers use no “wall wort” they plug directly into an AC outlet.

For portable use with my laptop I have a pair of USB poweresd Logitec V20’s

Not sure what’s good on newer speaker systems… but you don’t necissarily need to buy new ones.

Speakers are something that many people are constantly upgrading for no real reason…

Check out ebay


Using here old Creative Inspire 2500 - 2.1 with very good/full sound