Computer sounds like a Hovercraft



I have just got my old computer back from a friend who has been borrowing it for a year or so. When I turned it on it sounded like a Hovercraft its that noisy I thought it was going to take off. I don’t know the first thing about what is inside the covers of a computer but I want to learn. Now the computer only makes the noise until the system has loaded and all programs are working - displaying on the desk top. The computer I think works fine or it will when I get the 111GB of crap of it my mate has left on.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to what is making this sound
The computer like I said is a spare one even though it seems to be working fine I am determined to try and replace and damaged part myself. If I break it more then its something else I will have to replace but it will work again one day.


One of the fans is starting to fail.

Happened to me & it was the one on the motherboard that cools the chipset. Makes a loud noise until it settles down.

Take the case off & start up from cold & try to stop a fan at a time. You’ll be unable to stop the one in the power supply but if stopping all the others doesn’t stop the noise it’ll be the PSU.


Thanks very much i’ll give it a go this afternoon. Just one more question what is the PSU?


Power Supply Unit. The large warm thing at the back.


I like that description.


When the groany fan turns into a stuck fan, it becomes the VERY warm thing at the back - trust me, I’m a PC quack. The fan in the PSU itself is not a normal user clean/replace option, there are capacitors in there which can hold a hazardous charge even when unplugged, but anyone with basic electronics knowledge can replace one (I usually salvage the fan from a dead PSU, unless it was a fan failing that killed it).

Other fans that can get noisy are extra case fans, graphics card heatsink fans, processor heatsink fans and chipset fans. Ducted intake CPU heatsink fans seem to collect even more grot than usual, as they effectively serve as an intake filter for the case - yuck!


Me too. :bigsmile: