Computer slowed to a crawl

After updating Ad-Aware, my computer has gone from 5mb to almost zero.
I have done rollbacks, maleware scans and AVG scans.
I have also tried to uninstall Ad-Aware- no “remove button” in Add/Remove program.
Hijack This is also not able to remove it.
I have a feeling that this is the cause of my problem, but would appreciate any advice.

See page 64 of the manual. If this is not it, i think you got some other adaware software installed. Probably a different manufacturer. Please consult the manufacturers website or give us extended information about the software product you installed.

Not sure what you really mean in the slowing down part, general or when copying something like movies, cd’s & ect. If so then your computer might have slipped back into the PIO mode from the DMA mode so you might want to check to make sure it’s still in the DMA mode

My computer speed went from 5mbs to .5mbs.
This was after I clicked an update for Ad-Aware.
I posted a question on another forum and they had me run Maleware Bytes, Combo Fix, etc.
I went to Start Programs and tried to uninstall Ad-Aware but it only wanted to reinstall. I went to Add/Remove, but there was no “remove” button.
I finally just manually removed all traces and now everything is fine.
It must have been a rogue program,although Maleware Bytes said I had a Trojan but did not point me to that program.
Thanks anyway.

Great glad you got it straightened out