Computer slow when ripping


I have just installed Vista 64-bits. When I rip a CD with EAC my computer is very slow, I can barely use it. I didn’t have this problem when XP was installed.

My computer is set up like this:

Intel C2D E6600 2.4 GHz
Intel Motherboard P965
RAM/Memory: 4029 MB
CD/DVD Rom drives: Plextor PX-755A and PX-760A
PSU: Corsair 620W
HDD: Seagate 7200.11

Is there some kind of setting I must do to make EAC run, without slowing down the whole system?

With kind regards: Jens

Hi there,
I just checked the EAC forums for ideas - I guess you posted the same question there :iagree:
Is it fixed now?

Installed my LG GSA-H10N, and now everything is back to normal. Just like when I used XP. Perhaps Vista doesn’t like Plextor drives :frowning: That is really sad, just loved my Plextor.

Have you tested with both the Vista and the chipset manufacturer’s IDE drivers (if available)? I remember when I ran Vista RC2, I had poor performance using the Vista driver with a Samsung SATA hard drive, only in 32-bit, not in 64-bit.

Also, I noticed a difference between 1.02 firmware and newer releases in how my PX-755A behaves on IDE (much cleaner buffer when burning DVD with 1.02). You may want to give this a try if nothing else helps.