Computer Slow Down after benq 1620



hey guys, this is my second post here today:)
I was so excited about my new 1620 that i failed to notice that my computer has slowed down alot after i installed it. The drive works perfectly (in UDMA2), no errors in the winxp event log, its just that my comptuer is slower, applications load slower, screen doesnt refresh as fast as it used to, for example when i minimize msn messenger, takes a couple seconds to minimise instead of minimizing right away, im even noticing a delay in text appearing on the screen while im typing here, this is very strange, PLEASE HELP!!! :confused:



Make sure nothing is gobbling up your cpu.


I checked that, nothing is using any extra cpu power, this really bites!


Ok folks, figured it out, was having a blonde moment i guess :stuck_out_tongue: I neglected to use the IDE cable that came with the drive, used the one that came with my cdrw instead, swtiched it out, not only is my computer back to normal, its faster than it was before, which is gonna send me to the pc store tomorow to get another one to connect to my hard disks, that one might be crap as well!

thanks all:)